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Dr. Malgosia E. Krasuska

​​​Dr. Malgosia offers extraordinary promotions on private consultations 
over Phone or Skype for the month of October!!!

Promotion # 1: 
$15 off a 30-minute Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessing.
Regular Honor Fee: $75.  NOW ONLY $60!

Promotion # 2:
$25 off on a 60-minute Divine Healing Hands Soul Healing Blessing.
Regular Honor Fee: $125.  NOW ONLY $100!

Promotion # 3:
$55 off on a 60-minute Soul Guidance – Private & confidential  

Q&A supportive session about your well being, work, relationships, finances, decision making & more!

This session can offer deep spiritual inside and help to understands the spiritual reasons

behind issues or problems.
Regular Honor Fee: $250. NOW ONLY $195!

All Consultations are conducted over Phone or Skype


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Natural Living Expo - Booth #21

Dr Malgosia will offer: 

SOUL Healing * SOUL Blessing * SOUL Guidance


If you have never experienced Soul Healing before, 

this is a great opportunity to get a real taste of it!​

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SoulMindBody Healing Expert


a powerful spiritual message:

SOUL Comes First!

in Health & Life

Dr. Malgosia -  Author & Soul Activist

is a former University Professor of Nursing

in Europe and USA (1989-2016),

as well as a

Spiritual Scholar, Teacher and Healer with over 25 years

of professional experience, expertise and integrity you can trust. 

Dr. Malgosia is duly Ordained Inter-Faith Minister.


Looking to Improve Health, Boost Energy,

Accelerate Transformation of Relationships, Finances & More?

Try the Advanced “3 in 1” Method of Dr. Malgosia

Healer + Teacher +Coach

 and receive:

Soul Healing * Soul Blessing * Soul Guidance 

in order to enhance Your Healing & Transformation process 

in an extraordinary way.

Bring Love, Peace and Harmony into your Life:  

Not your ordinary healing method! 

Ask Dr. Malgosia to be your

Healer, Teacher & Coach. 

You will be supported by Dr. Malgosia who is well equipped professionally

and spiritually authorized to offer very unique Soul Healing-Blessing.

​SERVICES are offered Online - via Skype and via Phone,

In Person - by a special request.
Now you can experience the Integral Healing at the comfort of your own home.

Contact Dr. Malgosia

and receive the professional service

and quality support you deserve!